Are you a HPSU Female Entrepreneur? Act fast!

This may have passed you by during the year, but if you are a Female Entrepreneur with what Enterprise Ireland terms a “High Growth Potential Start-up” you might need to act fast on this!

What is a HPSU?

HPSU stands for “High-Growth Potential Start-up”. It is the type of company that funding agencies like! If you have high potential, then it is more likely that you will succeed and become a successful funding project! Are you in this category?

Why Females?

You may have heard of the governments “Action Plan for Jobs 2012”. Part of what they want to do is to support growth in female-led companies.

Enterprise Ireland generally looks for HPSU’s to fund and mentor through their specially designed programmes. Female entrepreneurs are generally under-represented (in Ireland particularly) when it comes to the board room.

Females also approach business differently to men, and generally take fewer risks than men do. In my opinion, I would say that this is another reason Enterprise Ireland finds it difficult to find female HPSUs –  more perceived risks may be involved at the initial investment stage of a HPSU.

Why do I need to act fast?

This funding has been available since 17th July 2012, but is due to close on the 4th Sept 2012!! So act now

How much is available?

There is a fund of €250k, which is awarded on a competitive basis. As they are still promoting this, there may not have been a good take up of funds – so go for it! You never know, there might not be as much competition as you think!A bunch of banknotes

Still interested? – apply here

For full details go to this website…but do is soon!!


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