Welcome to ‘The Sustainable SME’

Who is ‘The Sustainable SME’?

Hi, I am Sinéad Mitchell, and I am researching and developing practical solutions to help smaller businesses gain from the opportunities that environmental and social responsibility can bring. I have participated on the futureSME project since 2009 and work from the GMIT in Galway. I have a varied background, ranging from engineering and manufacturing to hospitality and catering, community development and social enterprise.

Why am I here?

I want to communicate with anyone with an interest in the concept of ‘the Sustainable SME’. I want to engage with the wider community on the subject of sustainability in SMEs. The reasons why it is an important subject is that:


  • …make up 99% of all businesses in Europe and
  • …are responsible for 70% of environmental damage
  • …have good intentions to be green and more socially responsible
  • … are missing out in the many opportunities that being more sustainable has to offer

What am I blogging on about?

About all issues related to sustainability, SMEs and everything in between. I want to explore:

  • Why SMEs should consider sustainability
  • The difficulties SMEs experience in getting started
  • How to simplify sustainability tools to make them usable for small businesses
  • How to communicate sustainability in SMEs -can social media play a part?
  • What works well on a practical level in small companies
  • And lots more!

I welcome any feedback

Please feel free to leave comments or share your own experiences.

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