Invite to Better CSR Advice to SMEs

I was delighted recently to receive and email invite to a unique event taking place in Berlin on the 11th and 12th June. I feel honoured that I will be among the 100 invited guests from 27 EU member countries, Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey.

Image-scrren print of Email invitation to the event "Better CSR Advice for SMEs"

Email invitation to the event “Better CSR Advice for SMEs”

The unique ‘Better Advice for SMEs on CSR” event brings together many experts in Corporate Social Responsibility, with a focus on sharing knowledge through peer learning. This will happen through various workshops over the 2-day event.

Image of Website "Better CSR Advice to SMEs"

Click to go to Better CSR advice to SME website

Through my research and the FutureSME project at the GMIT, I have been involved in the development of Business Sustainability tools and supports . All of the supports have been designed specifically for SMEs, and taken into consideration the challenges SME owner-managers face.

Image of an excerpt from Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Manual

Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Manual Excerpt

The event will share FutureSME’s experience of eco-innovation and Sustainability Reporting with SMEs, and bring back knowledge of current best practice in Europe.

Do you think there are sufficient supports out there for SMEs to get involved in Sustainability and Social Responsibility? Leave your comments below.

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