Berlin – the place to be today for CSR in SMEs

view from a train station in berlinI arrived a day early to see a bit of Berlin before the exciting event happening today. I’ve been to Alxanderpaltz,  had some currywurst and a lovely German beer. Despite my attempts at speaking German coming out as French, enjoying being here and experiencing my first ever time in Berlin. As I don’t get much of a chance to go on trains in Ireland, I love the S-train, trams and stations. The first time a friend of mine from Munich came to visit me in Ireland was amazed that there was a simple drop-down list on the main Irish rail site – compared to the search engine type in Germany.

Better CSR Advice for SMEs

View of Kopenick castle from breakfast

View of Kopenick Castle/Palace from breakfast table in the pentahotel

The lovely Koepenick district is the venue for the event. I am sitting here having some tea, looking over the river at Koepenick castle.

Even the title of the event is alluring to me. I can only imagine the benefits the meeting of minds will be, so we all go home with ‘Better Advice for CSR in SMEs. It is a great initiative and delighted to be invited.

Looking forward to meeting…

I am looking forward to meeting the various people and organisations that will be represented there. As an English speaker, I will particularly be drawn to those who speak my language – so CoEthica, BITC and representation from UL is on my list of those to meet today. I am also looking foward to hearing more about how the Global Reporting Initiative is taking off in European SMEs. I am sure there will be plenty interesting people here, as they will all be speaking the language of SMEs! (I hope)

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