€3million SEAI funding available

The SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) are calling for funding proposals towards improving the energy efficiency of buildings at a community and partnership level.Logo of SEAI or Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

It aims to

  •  “Support and pilot innovative delivery approaches as a community level”
  • “Test new approaches to achieving high quality and efficient delivery of improvements in energy efficiency within Irish communities”
  • “Retrofit Ireland’s building stock”

Who can apply?

In general terms any “community”, which may include

  • An organisation
  • A group of organisations

The project specifically welcomes “innovative and pioneering partnerships”.

It is open for

  • Energy Suppliers
  • Public sector (including local authorities)
  •  Community-based organisations
  • Private sector (e.g. SMEs)
  • Voluntary organisations (this could include business networks or chambers of commerce)

What has it got to do with SMEs?

There are many ways SMEs can be included in this call

  • As an organisation on their own
  • As part of business network
  • If another organisation (e.g. local authority) is applying for the funding, you could get involved.

Why should I apply/get involved?

Besides getting FREE STUFF!  there are many advantages to being involved yourself, or through a partnership such as

  • Improved energy efficiency of your building
  • Reduced energy bills, lowering your business costs
  • General benefits of networking with others
  • Competitive advantage gained by being more sustainable
  • Reducing the risk of carbon taxes in the future

Why are SEAI doing it?

They want to..

  • Improve the building stock in Ireland related to energy efficiency
  • Find cost-effective solutions  by tapping in to local community knowledge
  • Leverage from  projects already in place
  • Stimulate local employment activity

What is eligible?

  • Business facilities  and equipment
  • Retrofits for energy efficiency will be prioritised
  • It can include renewable energy elements

It should show good practice in a community concept

These could include

  • Insulation improvements
  • General efficiency upgrades from boilers, lighting or energy storage
  • Integration of renewable energy sources to balance energy demand
  • Control system to manage building energy demands
  • Activities to track behaviour change and evidence of savings
  • Other innovative solutions

The project must be fully completed by the 15th November 2012

What costs does the project fund?

The eligible costs include:

  • Purchase of plant, machinery or equipment (listed on the “Tripe E” register)
  • VAT associated if it is not reclaimable

Non eligible costs include

  • Monitoring costs
  • Internal staff costs
  • Cost of bringing facilities up the required standards
  • Costs incurred before the grant is approved

What do I do next?

Download the application form here  and submit it on or before the 14 September 2012.

The funding is not automatically granted if you meet a certain criteria. It is a competitive application and are evaluated based on

  • Value for money
  • Partnership
  • Innovation
  • Quality and delivery

Use the provided tools http://www.seai.ie/Your Business/Resources/Technology Assessment Tools/

Check out the full information here or contact

Siobhan Howard in SEAI Siobhan.howarth@seai.ie 01 8082086

Paula Butler in SEAI paula.butler@seai.ie 01 8082094

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